NESAD students intern at ICON Worldwide in Switzerland 1

NESAD students are developing their graphic design skills while simultaneously exploring new cultures!

A handful of BFA students have or will be interning at ICON Worldwide in Switzerland. ICON Worldwide is an international marketing agency made up of award-winning designers, developers, and strategists. Two 2011 graduates, Amy Parker and Lauren DeFranza, interned this past summer and three new students, Hope Reagan, Jacqueline Schaab, and Shawn Semmes will be doing the same in the summer of 2012.

Both girls agree that exploring the Swiss culture was a once in a lifetime experience.
Amy Parker describes, “Switzerland offered adventure, new experience, and risk taking. I climbed the Swiss Alps, learned a little Swiss German, met life-long international friends, plunged in glacier water, and discovered real Swiss Cuisine.”

Lauren DeFranza says, “Amsterdam is by far the most beautiful and cultured city in my opinion…it’s the kind of city that was meant for young people to explore. Both Ms. Amy Parker and I had quite the adventure–we met some nice people, tried new things, and only got lost a few times.”

Amy and Lauren also grew as designers.

Amy says she was pushed to develop creative design solutions for clients’ brochures and websites layouts and logo branding. She explains, “I learned how to defeat my own stubbornness, and how to truly listen to input from others with completely different perspectives. My internship experience prepared me to expect the unexpected and inspired me to keep moving forward, growing, searching, looking, drawing, and becoming a better visual communicator. The experience absolutely changed my life.”

Lauren explains how she learned the importance of problem solving, “Problem solving is what graphic designers and web developers do best and I truly believe you can’t have one without the other.”

She also offers some advice on being a life-long student, “From my experience at ICON Worldwide, I know how important it is to understand the language and technology before I can create the design, which is why I will never stop being a student. Remember, as long as you keep yourself open to learning new things, there will always be more room to grow. Don’t ever think you know everything.”

Read more about Amy and Lauren’s experiences at ICON Worldwide at their blogs:

Best of luck to the new set of NESAD graphic designers who will embark on their own Switzerland journey this summer!

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    I am always intrigued with the study of graphic design. I am self taught, and sometimes find myself considering enrolling in a school or program to intensify my learning.

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