Afraa Gutub’s Photograph Chosen for the Aetna International’s 2012 Calendar

Afraa Gutub, a graduate student at The New England School of Art and Design, says she always carries a camera around with her because “you never know what is waiting for you.”

Afraa jumped at the opportunity to capture a scenic moment at the Charles River when she saw the project “Light Drift” by J. Meejin Yoon, an associate professor of architecture at MIT.

When Afraa heard Aetna was looking for photos that represented “Global Events & Festivals from Around the Globe” for their 2012 calendar contest, she knew she had to enter the “Light Drift” picture.

Afraa’s passion for photography developed while she was in NESAD’s photography class. She says, “Ever since I took that course, I started seeing things differently. Everything I see and intend to capture with my lens, I feel is pictured in my head even before capturing it. Photography has become one of my favorite hobbies.”

Afraa believes graphic designers should participate in contests whenever possible “to express their thoughts and deliver their message to the world.”


  1. prakash says:

    Congrats Afraa, Keep it up…

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