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Blog U.: Teaching to the New Generation

I guess the fact that I am still somewhat horrified and/or disbelieving at the thought the younger people truly learn in a different way that is not under their control is an indicator that just perhaps, I may be in an older generation (YIKES, can that really be true)?

I confess that a part of me believes that students could pay attention if they wanted to, but if I think more clearly about this, I can understand that it is probably not so. Even I move from computer screen to screen and jump from program to program. Unless I turn off email altogether I find it hard not to react to the “ping” from incoming mail. I’ll be working on oe project, and I remember something else that I need to be doing. So I do get it.

I’m curious about your reactions. Give this article an read, and let me know what you think? What is your experience?

Blog U.: Teaching to the New Generation – University of Venus – Inside Higher Ed.


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