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June 1, 2009  
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The faculty of New England School of Art & Design are practitioners as well as teachers in their fields, providing students the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented artists and designers in the Boston area. Here is a small selection of some of the 2008-09 Fine Arts work by faculty artists Susan Nichter and Lydia Martin.

1/Eggman, by Susan Nichter, “We might be a woman in one lifetime and a man in another”

2/Copper & Cobalt, by Lydia Martin, awarded 2nd place for Painting in Oil and Acrylic in an exhibition at the Broome Street Gallery, NYC.

3/Whisper, by Susan Nichter, “What voices do we hear that propel us or pull us toward our futures?”

4/Airwalker, by Susan Nichter, “Our bodies are a vehicle for the spirit, or life force which inhabits our bodies and takes on many forms over generations.”

Fine Arts

April 19, 2009 by Sherri Miles  
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In the Fine Arts program, students explore their individual visual voice and work one-on-one with faculty members who challenge them to expand their vision of their work. Through student seminars at local museums and galleries, they become part of Boston’s visual arts community. Below are selections from students’ 2008-09 work.

1/Rachelle Rickert

2/Ollie 1948, by Christina Watka. Time passing: faded garments, stained tablecloths, doilies, old shoes

4/Il Campo di Siena by Haley Matzell, exploring watercolors in Italy

5/The Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace in Florence, by Christine Lindberg

3/Scenes from the Life of Freddy, by Clara Wolverton. A child seeks to do good though no privilege is given him.

6/Time, In Passing, by Christina Watka. “A sense of theatricality in my work creates a very direct conversation between the space, the materials, and the individual interacting with them.”

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