Thursday, January 21st, 2010...10:45 pm

i’m back!

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hello everyone! a new semester has begun, so you know what that means…. more blog entries! :)

i hope everyone had a great holiday. i know i did. vacation was great. it was just so great to be home. i got to sleep in a bit, see all my friends from high school (i missed them A LOT), and give my brain a nice break too. although, i didn’t completely slack off in the brain department. i finished an isabel allende novel in spanish! that was my big accomplishment over break. haha but overall, it was a great way to end 2009.

and so far, two thousand ten (or twenty ten, however you choose to say it) has treated me pretty well. as my chirstmas gift, i got a trip to michigan to visit one of my best friends. her school starts early, so i went out there, stayed in her dorm, and got to meet all of her friends! i had such a great time. i got to see lake michigan for the first time (which is beautiful and very windy in the wintertime). i went to sonic for the first time. i toured around grand rapids. i even went to a class or two. haha if i could afford it, i would love to make it a annual trip.

to tell the truth, i was a little hesitant to come back to school. i mean, doing absolutely nothing is just… well, absolutely great. hahaha but now that i’m back, i’m glad i am. (i probably would’ve gotten bored at home soon anyways. at least that’s what i am telling myself. 😉 )

today was my last day of the first week of classes. i really like my schedule. but i have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of work. but ill go into more detail next entry…

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