My Last Crit at NESAD

It’s been a little over a week since I had my last and final crit at NESAD. Our guest critic was Al Miner, assistant curator at the MFA Boston.

What a long day! And I was the first student to kick start this endless day of crits! Al had some awesome things to say about my work that will further help me as I transition from a student to a practicing studio artist! Al had a great personality and sense of humor that really broke the ice right at the start of the day. He was very disarming and the crits went along as a big conversation, way to break the tension! What was great about Al is that he is a practicing studio artist as well as a curator, so we got opinions both from an artist and curatorial standpoint. It was great to hear viewpoints about object placement in the gallery but also advice on materials and working process in the studio. Not only did I, but everyone, had really great feedback from Al. We couldn’t have had a better guest speaker!

Following this long, 6-hour critique day was my art history exam. But I can’t complain – I got everything (everything meaning all my exams and crits) done and out of the way in one day, and at the beginning of exam week. So the long day paid off – and I did pretty well on my art history exam! :) Go senior year!

Now it’s time to relax and recuperate before the start of summer classes. Then I can officially say my college career is DONE.

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