Feb 12 2013

How did industrialization change the nature of American society? What was the impact on Native Americans, farmers and women?

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Samuel J. Ferreira

Question: How did industrialization change the nature of American society? What was the impact on Native Americans, farmers and women?

The Industrial Revolution in America brought great change to a society that had mainly thrived off of an agricultural lifestyle. Advances and developments of new technologies changed the way that Americans lived. The driving force behind the American Industrial Revolution is said to be a man named Samuel Slater. In the late 1700s Slater opened the first industrial mill. This idea was borrowed from Great Britain and brought to America by Slater. The introduction of the mill to the US made the process of spinning thread into yarn much faster and much more efficient than the method of spinning yarn by hand with a loom. The Industrial Revolution made a great impact on American society. It was the time period where hand-made products were replaced by factory and machine made products. It changed the nature of society by making it easier and more efficient to mass-produce goods, thusly making them more accessible and more affordable to the people.

The Industrial Revolution had a great impact on not just society as a whole but on the individual people as well. During this time farmers were introduced to new technologies to make planting, cultivating and harvesting crops easier. They used new tools and methods to increase food production and food quality. For example, they used an invention called seed drills to plant seeds rather than doing it by hand. The Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on farmers because it allowed them to do their job more efficiently than ever before.


At the time of the Industrial Revolution, the lives of the average woman saw great change as well. Traditionally, women were the ones to take care of the household, cook the meals, do the laundry and a number of domestic duties. During the Industrial Revolution the factories opening throughout the country needed workers. Men, already having careers and trades, could not do this. In turn, women started working in the factories and mills. This had advantages for both employee and employer. Women got a glimpse at a life outside of the traditional domestic ideals and submerged themselves into the workforce. As for the employer, women also worked for lower wages than men. This was the start of the idea that women could work outside of the home and have a real career outside of being a mother/wife.

The Industrial Revolution also had a negative impact on certain people. For example, the revolution, although a step forward for America, was not as fruitful for the Native Americans. During the time of the revolution factories, mills and railroads were scattering the country. As a result of this Native Americans were ousted from their homelands in order to make room for these new factories.

Overall the Industrial Revolution made a huge impact on the US and the way of life. It brought women into the workforce, made farming and manufacturing goods easier and more efficient. Though it did impact others in a negative way, The Industrial Revolution was a giant step forward for the United States as a whole.












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