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East Asia, by all indicators, is the fastest growing segment of the global economy. Given the region’s great population, strategic and economic importance, and rich cultural heritage, it is imperative that the students and faculty of Suffolk University, along with the greater community, engage this rapidly emerging part of the world in meaningful ways.

Suffolk University, in partnership with Barbara and Richard M. Rosenberg BSJ ’52, DCS ’91,  has created a world-class Institute for East Asian Studies to bring awareness and academic depth to important cultural, economic, and historical issues involving East Asia. The Rosenberg Institute serves as Suffolk University’s lead platform in the field of East Asian Studies, analyzing important trends in East Asian culture, history, economics, and geo-political alliances and initiatives. The Institute promotes exchanges among leading scholars, practitioners, and research and policy analysts through a series of events and programs each year designed around pertinent topics in East Asian Studies. 

The Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies represents a critical cornerstone of Suffolk University’s focus on East Asian Studies. It provides a strong foundation from which an array of academic explorations and initiatives in East Asian Studies can be undertaken.