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Simone Chun in The Suffolk Journal

The activism of Simone Chun (Government Department) was reported in The Suffolk Journal.  The journal cited that Chun is one of the professors whose “activism, scholarship, and progressive teaching create a thriving atmosphere for students’ desires. Neither boastful nor brazen, professors of the government department take on trials of the world with modest portrayals and inspiring intentions.”

Simone Chun in Suffolk Journal

Our colleague in the Government Department, Simone Chun, is featured in the latest issue of The Suffolk Journal. The title of the piece, “Professor acts upon worker’s rights in South Korea,” describes the worker protest movement that has caught the attention of all of South Korea most of this year.

Feeling they were unjustly treated when their company fired 400 employees and outsourced their work to the Philippines, a long-lasting and highly visible strike action against the company started. One woman worker spent 309 days living in a tall crane at the work-site, supported by other strikers on the ground. Her protest ended in early November when some accommodation between the workers and the company was reached.

The article describes Simone’s on-going efforts to publicize the strike and rally support for the fired workers. Our congratulations to Simone.

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