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Ron’s interview with Reuters Japan

In March I was interviewed by Reuters Japan on the topic of Post-Fukushima Japan; What Will Be Japan’s Future? I expressed the idea that in the future Japan might become the Switzerland of Asia.  Switzerland is a good place to live, because its society is orderly, efficient, and the standard of living is high.

On the other hand, Switzerland is not known as a dynamic or creative force in world culture, it does not play a determining role on the international stage, and it does not have a powerful military force.

The editors decided to highlight this aspect of the interview.  As the editor recently wrote to me: Your remarks gained close to 100 facebook “likes” in the last few weeks, one of the largest among contributors. And readers are particularly interested in the third point you mentioned (the forecast that Japan would become Switzerland of Asia seems to be coming true, and a sort of Kamakura Japan will take place).

Ron’s interview with Reuters Japan

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