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Spring 2012 Asian Studies Courses

Major Courses

AS100A/HST100A Introduction to Asian Studies, TTh 10-11:15, Suleski

GVT 388AE The United States & East Asia, Th 4:30-7:10, Chun

PHIL 262AE Buddhism, T 5:30-8:10, Giancola

ADFA 306A Arts of Asia, Africa, S America, W 5-7:40, Bokhari


Asian Languages

CHN 101B Elementary Chinese, MWF 12-12:50, Dakin

CHN 201A Intermediate Chinese, MWF 11-11:50, Yang

JPN 101A Elementary Japanese, MWF 3-3:50, Passaretti

JPN 201A Intermediate Japanese, MWF 1-1:50, Passaretti

Ron’s book now translated into Chinese

The Chinese language edition of Ron Suleski’s book on the 50 year history of the Fairbank Center at Harvard was published in Beijing.
Here is a sneak peek of the cover.

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