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Sun and Wind – Our Future

  During our excursion to the Museum of science, we learnt various uses of the energy which reach the Earth from the Sun. These energies are known as Solar or wind energies and are renewable energies that are also used for our greenhouse operation. Electricity can be generated from both Solar as well as Wind […]

Renewable Energy

  There is no perfect source of energy but humans have some options besides fossil fuels.  One of these is solar power, and that is a good bet for the future compared to nuclear, wind, geothermal , hydroelectric or biofuels.  Even so we don’t yet know how to use all the sun- photovoltaics-  available for […]

MIT Reactor Core

Although it seems strange, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology- in the city of Cambridge has on its campus a small nuclear reactor core surrounded on the outside by concrete. It was built in 1958, then renovated in 1975. This reactor runs on enriched Uranium 235 and is used to generate neutrons. It does not generate […]

Energy Outlook: 2009-2030

The report summarizes the growth of the energy market for 2009; this year has seen an upturn in energy as well as a downturn in the overall economy. The momentous influence on energy demand and markets are linked to unclear factors, such as the uncertain oil prices, greenhouse gas emissions and choices made by energy […]

The IDE (International Development Enterprise)

IDE is a twenty seven year old organization focused on small farming as the way ahead for people in rural poverty around the world.  Paul Polak, IDE founder, explained how technology tools plus a guiding idea accomplished that:  For example, with the Treadle Pump and farmers’ own time/money invested, farmers greatly increase their irrigation capacity […]

Green Boston

                                             In Boston, the City Hall has a two floor roof garden park which Mayor Menino wants to represent his promise to the environment made by the city and its Energy Officer Jim Hunt after the “National Green roof Conference” of Boston in 2006.   Mayor Menino is keeping his promise to make Boston one of […]

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